Selected Projects

Mapping uncertainties and thoughts on the future of Germany’s cities and regions.

Visualizations, creative direction and design for the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development – MOST BEAUTIFUL GERMAN BOOK 2017 – with onlab.

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Visualizing professional connections between network event participants, based on social media data.

Concept, Creative Direction, live on stage at the Open Leaders Circle, Berlin, 2018 – with the Infographics Group.

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Creating the first corporate infographics and illustration system for Lufthansa.

Pitch, Concept, Project Lead, Creative Direction – part of Lufthansa's brand update, Berlin and Frankfurt, 2018 – with the Infographics Group.

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Branding SoundCloud – the world’s largest music and audio platform.

SoundCloud Logo Design and Branding, Berlin, 2008 – with onlab.

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Exploring your data flows, and discovering how companies handle your data. 

The polyPod is a platform that empowers users with their data. Features  give an overview and control of where and how data is shared. Data Experience, Data Visualization, Creative Direction, Storytelling, UX and Design, Berlin, 2021 – for polypoly.

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Augmenting infographics, creating playful and meaningful content experiences with AR.

Additional and interactive content layer on top of Hokusai’s woodblock prints to engage kids in the artwork. Initiative, Concept, Creative Direction and UX, Berlin, 2018 – for the Infographics Group.

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Redesigning a gaming gear configuration software.

Creative Direction, Icons, Packaging, User Testing – for Logitech G with Method, San Francisco, 2017 (launched: February 2019).

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Rethinking the famous Italian architecture magazine Domus.

Following the several redesigns (Ettore Sottsass, Alan Fletcher, Simon Esterson), the new Domus was launched in April 2008. Concept, Project Lead, Design, Creative and Art Direction, Milano, 2008 – with Flavio Albanese and onlab

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Giving sense and beauty to the mass of data that is overflowing our digital age.

Data Flow presents an abundant range of possibilities in visualising data and information. Co-Edition, Art Direction for Gestalten, Berlin, 2008 and 2010 – with onlab.

Asking questions in search of a design that can make the world a better place.

Design Display exhibition series, Magazine and Website. Concept (together with Konstantin Grcic and Jesko Fezer), Creative Direction, Art Direction and Editorial Design, for Autostadt – Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, 2015 to 2018 – with onlab.

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