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Exploring your data flows, and discovering how companies handle your data.

The polyPod is a platform that empowers users with their data. Features  give an overview and control of where and how data is shared. Data Experience, Data Visualization, Creative Direction, Storytelling, UX and Design, Berlin, 2021 – for polypoly.

polypoly has for mission to build a decentralised data economy, a system that gives back sovereignty over data to each and every individual.

The screens above give an overview on what data companies collect, which third parties they share it with and what that means for the users.

The screens above are clusters of companies (e.g. messenger apps) and compare the data polypoly collected about them.

This part of the data exploration has an editorial feel and presents different stories through Scrollytelling. It is a guided experience, where the subject is explained in a linear and focussed way. The longform stories and dynamic interplay, gives the story an engaging rhythm and helps the user to understand the issues and get insights.

Above: the data importer feature of the polyPod.

Individual mini-stories appear after one another in an editorially defined order. A mini-story is an encapsulated bit of data experience that is only shown when the prerequisites are met. They are short and concise. They are use to show and explain a certain part of a dataset inside the polyPod.

With every diagram or contents which need explanation, a separate information screen is provided.

The How-To-Read-This drawers are an overall support function for the users. It is present when it is needed. It always offers the same structure. It describes the individual diagram and the data behind it. It also explains what the diagram is and how to read it. The overall intention of this screen is to empower users.


Analysing and understanding data


Defining flows

Designing screens


Exploring alternatives