Award-winning designer and creative director, heading the Infographics Group Think Tank in Berlin to explore new grounds in the fields of infographics and data visualization at the intersection of content, visual storytelling and technology – founder of onlab

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Photo by Norman Posselt @EDCH Conference 2018, Munich

  • Nicolas works at disciplinary intersections and, through his professional practice, has changed the very definition of the term graphic designer.On Display, Florian Heilmeyer, 11.2015
  • Content is king at Nicolas Bourquin’s onlab,
    but its editorial focus incorporates visual delight and conceptual ingenuityEye Magazine #74, John L. Waters, 2009
  • onlab operates around a single philosophy:
    that design is a narrative that can change how people approach the worldThe Wall Street Journal, A. Losowsky, 31.07.2009
  • Nicolas Bourquin has the rare capacity to understand the issues of stories,
    he’s just such a brilliant mind.Dee #2, Mike Koedinger – Maison Moderne, 10.2013