We focus on the user requirements and needs within a specific problematic scenario and develop an adapted design concept, working method and tools that offers an alternative way to read news in the heart of the printed media crisis.

Nowadays, users are reading, sharing, choosing and selecting content on several devices and from different sources. They can independently collect, archive and save them on an external online Aggregator, in order to read them later. We export the contents from there through our interface (API). They are formatted, filtered and imported in an template with pre-formatted Styles.


Once a week, once a month or once a day, the issue is printed, binded and sended to the subscribers physically delivered to their postbox.




This service could be used by one single person, by a group of same minded people, a community, a professor, a small company or a big corporation.



We are pro-active, try to amplify and add value to print in a digital age, an attempt to participate to the renewal and modernization of our business.

In the context of the actual print and media crisis, Print my Reader investigates the reading behaviour of our epoch, from the selection of content, through the editorial, production and distribution process to the proper reading experience, exploring the way we are choosing, sharing and consuming information nowadays.