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On Display – An Exhibition Magazine

Back in 2015, in the context of the launch of On Display Magazine, MagCulture reported the creation of magazines instead of exhibition catalogues as an emerging trend. Three years and seven issues after, Nicolas will present the proof of concept of the award-winning magazine at the EDCH Conference in Munich on Friday March 9th, 3.40 – 5 PM. (Business Session).

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On Display magazine is published to accompany the exhibition series Design Display held in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Each issue provides more background information with essays and interviews.


Red Dot Award for “On Display” Magazine


On Display magazine (German/English) is published to accompany the exhibition series Design Display held in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg (Germany). Each issue (6 so far) provides more background information with essays and interviews. Concept, Art Direction, and Design: onlab Berlin.







The exhibition focus on the terminus of design and its extended understandings. Its concept – developed in collaboration with Konstantin Grcic and Jesko Fezer – is based on the principles of dialogue and process.

Every three months two carefully selected design objects/positions/projects are brought together – within a huge prismatic vitrine, which itself can be read as a design object and statement due to its size. The vitrine offers generous space to let the two exhibits start a dialogue with both each other and the visitors in front of it.

By extracting and recombining selected design aspects the exhibition project aims to contribute to the contemporary discourses about what design is, can and will be, its social impact and where it is passing its very own limits.

You can order the 5th issue of the Magazine FOR FREE here. On Display 05 deals with the interplay of design and democracy (participative design and electronic democracy).


“So what do you do?”


In the October 2015 issue of the German Design Magazine “On Display“, Florian Heilmeyer attempts to figure out what exactly graphic designer Nicolas Bourquin does.

“It could be that Nicolas Bourquin is primarily a graphic designer with a keen interest in the political and economic relationships of the world; as a result, he cannot simply be a graphics service provider, but must inevitably grapple with his projects’ contextual positions.”

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Germany Remixed – Infographics for Geo Magazine


In the heart of the refugee crisis and the rise of the right-wing extremism in Europe, the infographics “Germany Remixed” designed for Geo Magazine (actual german issue: 09 2015) present the share of the population with migration background in Germany and other countries today.


Stunning? Regions where the right-wing activism is at the highest, the population with migration background is at the lowest. Germany Remixed – check out our inforgaphics in the actual Geo Magazin issue!


The infographics is part of a larger article on the new face of Germany together with the impressive photographic work of Martin Schoeller.

03.05.2013 – Reporter Without Borders, Berlin


Reporter Without Borders, Year Book – Launch

• May 3rd is the International Day of the Press Freedom! We designed the fourth edition of the year book of Reporter Ohne Grenzen (German section of Reporters Without Borders) and we are glad to invite you to the launch of the magazine at the Do you read me ?! Reading Room

Friday May 3rd, 7 pm.
Do you read me ?! Reading Room,
Potsdamer Strasse 98, Berlin

Olivia Arthur (Magnum Photographer) will present the work she realised in Saudi Arabia (featured in the year book).

12.04.2013 – Graft Magazine in Milano


onlab present the first issue of GRAFT – a new magazine-in-magazine on materials

• GRAFT is a magazine on materials written by lateral thinkers. By bridging information between researchers, producers and creative professionals Graft Magazine encourages lateral thinking.

Each issue will be distributed locally with a cooperating magazine. Consistent with the idea of cross-disciplinary thinking this hosting media partner will differ with every new edition of GRAFT.

Graft Magazine is a supplement on materials. The hosting magazine, the topic and the supporting partners compose the significance of GRAFT.

The current issue with contributions by Vasco Mourao, Martin Krammer, Maria Morais and Brazilian artist Marepe is presented in cooperation with Brownbook magazine. It is distributed in Milan with Brownbook issue No38; March-April 2013.

With FRUIT we discuss the impact of fruit and its components giving inspiration to diverse fields such as materials research, design and art. Find out how the multifunctional design of fruits vivifies new material developments.

The topic FRUIT refers to the exhibition JUICE that is presenting a fresh selection of galleries, editors and designers during the Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milano (Italy). JUICE will be the setting for the launch of “Fruit”, the juicy issue of Graft Magazine in GARAGE MILANO, Via Maiocchi 5/7, Milano (MM1 P.ta Venezia). The show runs from April 8th-14th 2013, 11.00am – 9.00pm.

Editors: Nicolas Bourquin, Thorsten Klooster, Andrea Wiegelmann, Michela Pelizzari and Federica Sala