Atlas 2050
Mapping the thoughts on the Future of Germany’s Cities and Regions

The book we spent more than 3 years to design, facilitates a better understanding of the present, addresses pending spatial transformations and speculates about their effects.

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Speculations Transformations is an atlas of Baukultur composed of texts, maps and photographies that drafts scenarios about the spatial, natural, urban, architectural, and social environments in which we might live in 2050, after having faced economic and infrastructural transformations.

Winner of the competition “Most Beautiful German Books 2017”


Vertical Farming – Hand Drawn Infographics

With more than 9 billion to feed by the year 2050, the world will need new ways to produce and distribute food. Vertical farming is both efficient and environmentally friendly. The infographic shows the aspects and process of Vertical Farming.

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The hand drawn Infographics was released in the 5th issue of Technologist magazine


Joël Tettamanti: Works 2011 – 2019

Design and co-edition of the new book of Swiss photographer Joël Tettamanti published by Benteli. With one book in three editions we rediscover the unique qualities of the printed product in the era of digitalization, combining the means of traditional book production with print-on-demand in one and the same book.

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Amplification of print in a digital age: the prosumer – a consumer actively involved in producing what he or she consumes – is active and can generate a new product.


Graft Magazine – April 2013

GRAFT is a magazine on materials written by lateral thinkers. By bridging information between researchers, producers and creative professionals Graft Magazine encourages lateral thinking. Each issue will be distributed locally with a cooperating magazine. Consistent with the idea of cross-disciplinary thinking this hosting media partner will differ with every new edition of Graft. Graft Magazine is a supplement on materials. The hosting magazine, the topic and the supporting partners compose the significance of GRAFT.

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Print my Reader – February 2013 (ongoing)

Every day we are browsing several sources online or elsewhere with different devices to collect articles, textes and other contents. What if we could access this information afterward and read it calmly later on paper, away from our digital devices? What if we would be able to paste our content into a layout and print it on demand? What if this reader becomes our most beloved daily printed matter and reading experience?

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Amplification of print in a digital age: the prosumer – a consumer actively involved in producing what he or she consumes – is active and can generate a new product as well as new contents.


onlab projects – 2001 – 2016

onlab works on commissioned, collaborative as well as self initiated design projects. The focus of the commissioned work lies in editorial design and visual communication projects. 

Some of the main projects of onlab involved the visual identity of SoundCloud and the city of Tramelan, the redesign of the Italian architecture magazine domus, the design and conception of the German contribution to the architecture Biennale in Venice 2008 and various successful book projects.

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