Head of Think Tank @ Infographics Group in Berlin


A little bit more than one year after moving to San Francisco, I got the great opportunity to join the team at Infographics Group in Berlin. As head of the IGG Think Tank / Creative Direction I look forward to teaming up with founder Jan Schwochow and my long-term creative partner Sven Ehmann.

As founder and owner of onlab, I am staying on in an advisory capacity and consultant.

At Method in San Francisco, I helped companies to develop visions for a disruptive future using insight gained from working on innovative products and technologies. I am excited to bring this competence together with the craft and experience gathered in the past years to seek after new grounds, innovative formats, technology, projects, services, products and partnerships in the fields of infographics, data visualization and visual storytelling.

The shift in knowledge transfer and information processing, the potential of the ensuing social and economic changes constitute fascinating and promising challenges. I can’t wait to explore, discuss, share and develop ideas with all of you.

Red Dot Award for “On Display” Magazine


On Display magazine (German/English) is published to accompany the exhibition series Design Display held in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg (Germany). Each issue (6 so far) provides more background information with essays and interviews. Concept, Art Direction, and Design: onlab Berlin.







The exhibition focus on the terminus of design and its extended understandings. Its concept – developed in collaboration with Konstantin Grcic and Jesko Fezer – is based on the principles of dialogue and process.

Every three months two carefully selected design objects/positions/projects are brought together – within a huge prismatic vitrine, which itself can be read as a design object and statement due to its size. The vitrine offers generous space to let the two exhibits start a dialogue with both each other and the visitors in front of it.

By extracting and recombining selected design aspects the exhibition project aims to contribute to the contemporary discourses about what design is, can and will be, its social impact and where it is passing its very own limits.

You can order the 5th issue of the Magazine FOR FREE here. On Display 05 deals with the interplay of design and democracy (participative design and electronic democracy).