Vertical Farming – Hand Drawn Infographics


With more than 9 billion to feed by the year 2050, the world will need new ways to produce and distribute food. Vertical farming is both efficient and environmentally friendly. The infographic shows the aspects and process of Vertical Farming.

The hand drawn Infographics was released in the 5th issue of Technologist magazine – an initiative of the EuroTech Universities Alliance published by the media agency LargeNetwork, bringing together exciting research and innovation from Europe and beyond.

“The 2020’s Will Be The Decade Of The Vertical Farming Revolution.”
Ray Kurzweil, Google

Read the article and check the infographics >

First Sketches

Storytelling of the infographics on the facing pages – vertical and horizontal layout.

vf_sketch_2Dramaturgy: tests with a “flat” perspective and/or two-points perspective

vf_sketch_3Positioning of the contents whithin the drawing and vertical layout.



Read the article and check the infographics >

Germany Remixed – Infographics for Geo Magazine


In the heart of the refugee crisis and the rise of the right-wing extremism in Europe, the infographics “Germany Remixed” designed for Geo Magazine (actual german issue: 09 2015) present the share of the population with migration background in Germany and other countries today.


Stunning? Regions where the right-wing activism is at the highest, the population with migration background is at the lowest. Germany Remixed – check out our inforgaphics in the actual Geo Magazin issue!


The infographics is part of a larger article on the new face of Germany together with the impressive photographic work of Martin Schoeller.